SELECT d.static_id AS id, d.data1, data0, d.data3, d.data4, AS photoId, fs.maxWidthS, fl.title AS photoTitle, f.fileNameStored
			FROM content_data d
				LEFT JOIN content_has_mma_file cf ON cf.content_data_id = AND cf.fileSet = 'fotka'
				LEFT JOIN mma_files f ON = cf.mma_files_id
				LEFT JOIN mma_fileSizes fs ON fs.mma_files_id = cf.mma_files_id AND fs.fileSet = 'fotka'
				LEFT JOIN mma_filesLangData fl ON fl.mma_files_id = cf.mma_files_id AND fl.global_languages_code = 'slo'
				d.content_structure_id = '119_slo' AND 
				d.publish_status = 'Y' AND 
				d.publicated = 'Y'
			ORDER BY d.dataOrder, d.dateCreated